Bar Alt

Welcome at Bar Alt!

Bar Alt is created to put Craft Beer on a higher pedestal, our kitchen team has been trained to create a menu to combine with beers of all kinds, carefully selected by our beer sommeliers and Two Chefs Brewing.

During the second lockdown we have a make-away dinner box. Our box is easy to prepare with a few small tips and tricks by our head chef Thomas Kooijman.

The current menu is:

Starter: Slowly cooked winter Codfish / Slowly cooked Leek
Vinaigrette of buttermilk with oil of dill, marinated artichoke and crispy Quinoa

In Between: Noirmoutier Potato confit, melted Foie de Canard, winter truffle, sjallots and sherry vinigair
Optional Epoisses in stead of the Foie de Canard

Main course: Ballotine of Poulet Noir filled with slightly smoked mushroom duxelles / Smoked Courgette Steak
Pistacchio, zucchini, fowl jus and crisp of old cheese filled with Pierre Robert

Dessert: Tarte Tatin with Vanilla CrÄ—me Fraiche

The link to the preparation: Here!
Photo's are found: Here!

Stay safe and drink lots of water (and good beer)