Bar Alt

Welcome to the world of Bar Alt. A world full of taste. A world full of know-how and craftsmanship. A world where food can’t do it without beer and vice versa. Cheers!

Where wine-food pairings are leading in the fine dining scene, we had a little voice in the back of our heads to come up with, for Dutch standards, something totally out of the box. In 2018 it was finally there: Adriaan Verkerk and Two Chefs Brewing joined forces. Despite the idea was born in 2014, the innovative food and beer pairing concept Bar Alt – the men behind the brand support the Alt beer style, hence the name - was raised in 2018. A concept inspired by the latest evolutions in the European beer bubble, and the gastronomy worldwide. At Bar Alt we think beer is more than ready for a leading role. Beer is rarely just a beer. Our goal: taking food pairing with craft beers from the world's best brewers to the next gastronomic level. So, forget everything you know about beer-food, and have a seat.

A seat at the bar gives you one hundred beers or 60 wines by bottle and glass. After you've had your drinks you can move to the restaurant, where we serve a 4,6 or 8-course beer paired menu. Off course you can also just stay at the bar until late, grab some bites and invite your friends.

Please look forward to become part of our philosophy.