Bar Alt

Bar Alt opening on June first!

Starting June first we are welcoming back guests at our restaurant following all regulation set by our government.

We have set up two shifts to divide the guests and we will have a maximum of thirty guests inside at all time.

Our first shift starts at 17:30 and ends at 20:00, the second shift starts at 20:15 and lasts until the end of the night.

We ask everybody to arrive at the set time of the reservation to ensure a little bit of time to keep clean in between shifts.

We can't wait to re-open and create the experience you are used to at Bar Alt.

Monday:    Closed
Tuesday:   Closed
Wednesday: 15:00 Lunch-17:30 Dinner
Thursday:  12:00 Lunch-17:30 Dinner
Friday:    12:00 Lunch-17:30 Dinner
Saturday:  12:00 Lunch-17:30 Dinner
Sunday:    12:00 Lunch-17:30 Dinner

Stay safe and drink lots of water (and good beer)