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A box full of love and wonderful products!

Let's not dwell on the fact we are still staying home, but enjoy our time together! The current menu is definitely a celebration of the season, fresh asparagus, morilles mushrooms, scallops and for the regular menu a beautiful lamb.
With a fresh spring season salute from,
Thomas Kooijman “ Head Chef “, Merlijn Kemper “ Maitre d’ Restaurant “  & team Bar-Alt!

A few tips & tricks to make the dinner easier:

  • A Pre-Heated oven at 180*C makes the waiting less.
  • A pepper and salt mill should be within grasp

Our Current Menu:

  • Amuse Bouche: Bonbon van Baba Ganoush, crème van Broccoli, vinaigrette met Broccoli, krokantje met Ras el hanout.
  • Starter: Asparagus, Green asparagus with smoked salmon / Smoked Tomato mustard and Spirulina
  • Optional. Extra course, Cepes mushroom filled with onion, Livar Ham, jus, Tete de moines and amsterdams vet
  • optional. Extra course Carrots in orange, scallop tartare / Aubergine Caviar, onion and green herb oil
  • Main Course: Lamb Lamb / Celeriac with truffle, artichoke and poached egg
  • Dessert: Strawberry with rhubarb, fennel, creme fraiche and vanilla

Let's get started

Amuse Bouche: Baba Ganoush Bonbon

  • Use a teaspoon to put a drop of broccoli crème on the plate
  • Place the bonbon on the crème
  • Pour the dressing around the Bonbon
  • Finish with the crisp on top

Starter (1): Smoked Salmon / Smoked Tomato
We did our best making this dish as easy as possible, so everything is ready for plating!

  • The only thing you have to do is to add the dressing and crisp with the sticker one!

First In-between (2): Scallop / Aubergine Caviar
A touch of the Middle East! The dish is enjoyed cold, so no heating of any kind! 

  • The kitchen has taken the liberty to dress the dish for you
  • The only thing you need to add is the dressing and crisp of bread with the sticker no 2
  • C'est tout!

Second In-Between (3): Cepes with Livar ham / Parsnip ham

  • The Morel mushrooms are pre-cooked, you only have to heat them for 3 minutes in the oven.
  • Meanwhile start heating up the sauce in a small pott.
  • Let's start plating!
  • The Livar / Parsnip is the base for the dish.
  • The Cepes mushrooms go on top.
  • The sunflower seeds are next
  • The Tete de Moines and sauce are mixed on top of the plate.
  • We finish with Amsterdams Vet (the salad)

Main Course (4): Lamb Terrine / Braised Celeriac & Seaweed

  • The Lamb and artichoke go into the oven for 10 minutes.
  • Heat a pot of water just below boiling temperature.
  • Heat up the sauce in a small pot
  • The pouched egg goes into the water for 3 minutes.
  • The lamb and the egg should be finished simultanesly. a grind of black pepper to finish the egg.
  • Let's start plating:
  • The Lamb is the base for the dish.
  • A dot of artichoke crème is put against the meat
  • On top of the crème the crisp of Brioche
  • The egg is served on the crème and covered with seaweed and a drop of olive oil.
  • The marinated artichoke is put on top of the egg.
  • The Truffle sauce is to finish the dish & Bon Apetit!
  • The vegetarian version is exactly the same switching the lamb for celeriac.

Dessert (5): Rhubarb & Strawberry
We have combined two dessert!

  • Dessert number 1:
  • Start by making a 'mirror' of strawberry coulis in the middle of the plate
  • the rhubarb goes on top of the coulis, topped with the fennel & fennel seeds
  • The Vanilla Crème is dotted around the plate. together with some strawberries.
  • Dessert number two:
  • First the strawberry jelly on top of the slof
  • The Cashew Crème Suisse goes on top of the Aardbei Slofje
  • You only need to add the strawberries on top of the Aardbei Slofje and finish with the jelly on top.