Two Chefs Brewing

‘Once upon a time…’ Two Chefs Brewing’s adventure started in 2013. Founded by Sanne Slijper and Martijn Disseldorp, two former chefs who exchanged their cooking hobs for brewing kettles. Two strong men, one dream: completely stock out their house with homemade, funky beers. Since then, the hobby has become a serious beer brand. And that includes a professional brewery in Amsterdam, where no less than half a million liters of beer are brewed on a yearly basis.

Two Chefs Brewing is on a mission: They want to ensure funky beers can be drunk everywhere. Moreover, they try to provoke the conventional, like to stick out their tongue to the familiar, and want to explore the infinity in beer flavors.

For them, Bar Alt serves as an outlet. A laidback place where they display their own beers, other (inter)national ones, and where they can pair their kiddos with all 4, 6 or 7 course chef’s dishes.